Darkseid is a great villian. And he is typically well written. He is powerful, confident and highly-intelligent. He is also charismatic and very menacing. He’s everything you want a super-villian to be and usually not over-the-top for a being that wields his power. And he looks cool despite having a pretty simplistic design.
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        I love Superman. He is one of my most favorite characters. But I have to be honest here. The first thing that people seem to be forgetting is that Superman would be inherently weak against Goku. All of Goku's powers are ki based. Ki is a spiritual power and Superman is weak against magic and spiritual powers.
       Second, Superman isn't a great hand to hand combatant. He's a brawler that relies on his brute strength and powers to defeat his opponents. In a straight up fight without his strength and powers, Clark Kent could get served in a bar fight. Goku is an expert, God level martial artist and Superman could not even come close to his level of fighting skill.
        The third thing is that the ki Goku uses is incredibly versatile. In a short period of time he could use his ki to copy all of Superman's powers. Eye beams? Yup. Freeze breath? Yup. Ki can be used for anything. So Superman's powers wouldn't give him an advantage. Goku would just think they are cool and come up with his own version.
         Fourth, and this is really important, Superman is not used to fighting ridiculously prolonged battles like Goku is and he is not a genius fighter like Goku is. This gives Goku a huge advantage when it comes to fighting stamina and prowess.
         It doesn't pay to talk about golden age Superman, silver age…SSJ, SSJ2 Goku, whatever. Because honestly we don't know how those different forms and powers stack up against each other. Even though we like to pretend we do. So let's just say that in strength, speed, power and endurance they are equal. In that case, Superman loses based on the reasons above.
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